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The top 15 smartphones you can buy right now

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HTC One (M8)

The original One was the favorite and the M8 model certainly follows suit. It has a large full HD display surrounded by a metallic exterior that's sure to turn a few heads. Keep in mind that this device isn't for the small-of-hand, so you may want to give it a test drive before making it your daily driver.

Price: $649+ (unlocked)

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Google Nexus 55
LG hopped on board to bring us Google's latest reference handset: the Nexus 5. The price is right and you're sure to be at the head of the line for Android updates. Qi charging and a full-HD display don't hurt either. Oh, and if you're down for a splash of color, be sure to check out the red model.

Price: $349+ (unlocked)

iPhone 5s

There's certainly the chance that Apple will roll out a new iPhone soon, but, as they say, a bird in the hand... Though it's been out for the better part of the year, the 5s still offers brisk performance with its new 64-bit A7 processor. Plus, the 8-megapixel camera has been known to produce some amazing photographs.

Price: $649+ (unlocked)


LG really pulled out the stops with its latest flagship, the G3. The standout feature is by far its Quad HD display, though it boasts other impressive specs too, like infrared focusing technology. And while the G3's 5.5-inch screen is a handful, we've actually found it's quite comfortable to hold.

Price: $599+ (contract-free)

Nokia Lumia Icon

Whether you're a Windows Phone stalwart or trying the OS for the first time, the Icon is a top choice. It's the slightly smaller cousin to the massive 1520, but still packs in a 1080p screen and a 20-megapixel camera. If you're in the states, however, you've got to head over to Verizon to pick one up.

Price: $550+ (contract-free)

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia has found success with its budget line of phones and the Lumia 520 is no exception. Sure, the screen and battery life are middling, but if you're sticking to ramen noodles at the Shop-n-Save, this handset could be the perfect fit.

Price: $59 (contract-free)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This is Samsung's third iteration in the Note line that jump-started the big-phone craze, and it's the best one yet. The wide screen may not be palm friendly, but it offers more real estate for the impressive display and more wiggle room for wielding that S Pen.

Price: $550+ (unlocked)

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia has packed all the pixel prowess of the old 808 PureView into a slimmer package with the 1020. There's a 41-megapixel shooter on board, which makes the phone a touch awkward to hold at times, but it pays if you're looking for high-quality shots.

Price: $429+ (unlocked)

We know, having the newest tech in the palm of your hand is great. But the iPhone 4s is still a good option when you're on a budget. It has a solid build, a quality camera and it's sure to see iOS 8 later this year, so you won't be left in the dust.

Price: $450+ (unlocked))

Nokia Lumia 1520

If you're a fan of what Windows Phone has to offer, then you may want to consider the Lumia 1520. The one thing we should mention, besides the 20-megapixel shooter and HD screen, is that this "phone" is bordering on the size of a tablet with its 6-inch display. If you want to go big, though, this should definitely fit the bill.

Price: $488+ (unlocked)

BlackBerry Z30

If you're a BlackBerry enthusiast or perpetual fan of the underdog, then the Z30 is a top choice. It's the best BlackBerry 10 device out there, combining solid specs with a well-sized 5-inch display. The battery is a trooper as well, so if you can do without the iconic physical keys the company is known for, this device may be for you.

Price: $400+ (unlocked)

BlackBerry Q10

If you're a QWERTY diehard, then the Q10 should be right up your alley. It packs BlackBerry 10 OS, an 8-megapixel camera and a 3.1-inch Super AMOLED display, but your fingers will buzz with excitement as you click away on its physical keyboard.

Price: $368+ (unlocked)

Motorola Moto G

The Moto G falls right between the ultra-budget Moto E and the upper-scale Moto X, but it could just be the sweet spot. The price is right and you're getting a quality screen, camera and silicon, to boot.

Price: $179+ (unlocked)

Motorola Moto X

The parent company may be changing hands, but the Moto X is still a solid option. The price is approachable and unique features like Active Notifications and the always-on touchless controls are an appealing bonus. You also get the chance to let your inner freak flag fly by customizing the shell with a variety of color options and even a bamboo rear panel.

Price: $350 (contract-free)

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy line has been a popular choice for years and the S5 is certainly one of the best on offer. Its 5.1-inch HD display, 16-megapixel camera and quad-core processor put this smartphone in the upper-tier. Plus, it's got that new Band-Aid-like styling on the back, so there's that.

Price: $597+ (unlocked))

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