Published on: 12/26/2015

Police caught Nearly 500 iPhones in Apple Gift Card Fraud Investigation

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The Tigard Police Commercial Crimes Unit has seized 470 iPhones and several Gift cards in an Apple Gift Card misrepresentation examination at the Washington Square Mall.

The operation occurred on December fourth. Tigard Police watched a man leading suspicious exchanges at the Apple Store utilizing vast heaps of blessing cards, which can be demonstrative of sorted out retail wrongdoing.

"Agents kept on taking after the suspect as he exited the store with the buys. The suspect was then watched opening the storage compartment of a possessed leased vehicle which was pressed brimming with Apple shopping sacks. The suspects then headed out from the shopping center and was ceased by police a short separation away on Highway 217 in Tigard."

"The two suspects collaborated with agents by permitting a hunt of the vehicle furthermore giving receipts and points of interest encompassing their buys. Altogether, examiners seized 470 iPhones with a rough estimation of $292,000 alongside many blessings cards and value-based records totaling over $585,000. The examination additionally drove analysts to an adjacent FedEx store where various boxes had been dropped-off prior by the same suspects with purpose to ship them to Hong Kong. The crates, all containing Apple iPhones, were seized by Tigard agents. The degree of the false buys is prone to aggregate seventy five percent of a million dollars."

Investigators are still probing into the complexities of the transactions. They've determined that the purchases are linked to counterfeit credit cards from Southern California.

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