Apple Discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod shuffle Published on: 7/28/2017

Apple Discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod shuffle

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Apple has just removed the iPod nano and iPod shuffle from its online store suggesting that the two devices may have been discontinued.

Navigating to now takes you directly to the iPod touch page with no references to either the nano or shuffle.

The iPod nano was introduced back in 2005 and last updated in 2012. The iPod shuffle launched in in 2005 and was last updated in 2010.

Sales of the nano and shuffle have naturally declined with the rise in popularity of the iPhone. While the small form factor of both devices is appealing for some uses, especially fitness, the Apple Watch and wireless AirPods let you workout without needing to strap a music player to your arm.

Will you miss these devices if Apple really has discontinued them? Let us know in the comments! You can watch Steve Jobs introduce the iPod nano below!

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