Published on: 1/1/2019

Tata Motors, parent company of JLR, started testing their electric car: EVision

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TATA Motors, the parent company of Jaguar & Land Rover has revealed new saloon at the Geneva motor show, there was many news and fake news spreading online related to the car since then. The main question was can TATA really sell such a car? the question was mainly raised by local Indian medias while global media and market watchers were not in doubt as they believe if tata can own JLR, it's not a big thing for such a car.

While the saloon is unlikely to make it to Britain, its success could significantly impact the chances of Tata – which is the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover – making it here under its own banner. Tata is expected to provide the car with petrol and diesel power but, as reported by Autocar India, electrification is also possible in a bid to provide a lower-emission model. These powertrains are expected to be included in the saloon’s hatchback sibling, not least because it is based on the same Advanced Modular Platform.

Recently the has been appeard outside TATA Motor's manufacturing premises in India and it was the first time the car appearing outside and in natural light.

The sleek design along with multiple interesting features of the car make it a unique product that has never been seen from the manufacturer’s side before. Everything from the exteriors to the interiors and the connectivity features on the Tata E-Vision shouts out loud Tata’s intentions of a smart future. E-Vision is based on the Omega architecture, which is based on a modular, scalable and flexible architecture to address the range of performance that attributes for long-range travel.

The new Tata E-Vision electric sedan gets an aluminium Humanity line that extends across the width of the car. The Diamond shaped DLO has been defined by another aluminum blade that runs from A to C pillar.

The design inside the Tata E-Vision seems to be centred around the minimal use of technology in order to maximise the space inside the cabin. The two digital intefaces behind the instrument panel appear only when needed by the users.

The rear end of the Tata E-Vision has been characterized by interesting animated tail lights that form a part of the ‘Slingshot’ line starting the Tata logo and then swings around to the body side.

In terms of dimensions, the EVision electric concept is about the same size as Jaguar XE or Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The Tata E-Vision Concept Sedan receives a Prognostics controller in order to forecast service requirements that leads to life cycle management of battery packs and it will be extendable to full vehicle. The new Tata E-Vision electric car gets some next-generation tech. These include cloud computing, analytics, geospatial mapping and increased human-machine interface. The car is also capable of ADAS technology that allows a certain level of autonomy.

The Tata E-Vision Electric car comes with slow charging through AC and fast charging through DC capabilities. The E-Vision concept with its motor accelerates from 0-100 kmph in under 7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 200 kmph!

The rear seats on the Tata E-Vision electric sedan are also an area of strong focus. The idea behind is to offer the E-Vision concept maximum living space to the occupants.

The instrument panel hides two digital interfaces that appear only when needed by the users. E-Vision features two motors, one on each axle which will make this sedan an AWD. Another good news is that it will feature both slow AC charging and fast DC charging, with a range of 350-420km on a single charge. Performance enthusiast will be glad to know that the EVision will have a top speed of 200kmph and will reach triple digits sub-7 seconds.

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