Published on: 12/10/2018

Jaguar recalling some e-pace in UK as well. Offering repair widely

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Since the launch of updated infotainment system, Jaguar is confronting lots of trouble due to massive customer complaints. Jaguar is recalling it's numerous e-pace as well as F-Pace as those are the models widely influenced with bugs in infotainments and vehicle software. Few customers even rejected the vehicle this constrained Jaguar to offer a full repair and few recalls as well.

1) Common E-Pace Problems which can led to recall / reject the car
2) Jaguar recalling some of it's 2018 E-PACE
3) Difference between 2018 E-Pace and 2019 E-Pace

Initially Jaguar was keeping the old version of infotainment software for the latest models with big screens. It was away from bugs, and was working impeccably with all the features. But when the entair industry began offering big screens with on screen buttons rather than physical buttons for a clean interior look, Jaguar also decided to move to the trend.

Incontrol Touch

Many customers said it was funny. the old system in a big screen's center it would be better if it was resizing according to the screensize. But jaguar was sticking to their decision not to update the software. It took almost two year for Jaguar to change the decision.

InControl Touch Pro

Old version of infotainment, called InControl software. Which was entirely a different platform. When the entire industry began offering modern version of infotainment system including attractive animations and features like Apple CarPlay, JLR was sticking to the old platform with their own screen mirroring systme - Incontrol apps.

Phase 3 Update

Phase 3 update with new appearance, without Apple CarPlay.

It was late when Jaguar decided to update the infotainment system, Jaguar was deciding to Android Operating system to customise into an auto version. There was a built in browser to browse websites from the car, if you search for the platform, it result as android operating system.
It was full of bugs initially, the maximum volume was 36 while volume 5 itself was high and many other bugs like cellular and wifi connectivity issues.

Phase 4

As an update to Phase 3, Jaguar released an update with error reporting and user data collection. This version was resolving minor bugs but mainly for collecting user errors and feedbacks from the system.
When user repeatedly clicking on any buttong, system was collecting report. Some people were repeatedly trying to connect wifi, by the time system was collecting a report, whether sim card is inserted or not, if the sim card is inserted, is there sufficient cellular coverage etc.

This update was even collecting front camera reports as well, each time when collision warning is displayed, lane keep assistant worked, system was collecting front photos which was stored within the storage of incontrol.

Phase 4 with 18C update - Apple CarPlay and Adroid Auto included but not enabled

Finally apple was forced to release Apple CarPlay and Android auto, because the Velar and E-Pace sales were going down, While the company was about to launch updated 19MY model new e-pace and the redesigned Evoque, releasing an evoque without carplay will be a drawback, JLR wanted to highlight Apple CarPlay as a feature also.

JLR Dealers were expecting huge customer approach for Apple CarPlay, so initially many dealers charged for it. To prevent this massive customer calls, Jaguar did not made any official note, but the news spread over social media and even online forums and media.

Why Apple CarPlay or Android Auto need Activation

Apple providing carplay not as free, it is a subscription based service, so when the customer try to connect their phone or click Apple CarPlay icon, it contacts the Jaguar server with vehicle's VIN if that particular vehicle is blocked from Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, these feature will not be able to activate, but presently the bugs or poor performance or connectivity issues causing the delay or trouble in opening Apple CarPlay in a vehicle.

Can I return my Jaguar or Range Rover for the minor issue of Incontrol?

Yes, even a minor issue can be a reason for customer rejection, even if the complaint is after 30 days of purchase, contacting the finance company will help you to reject the vehicle.

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