Published on: 7/5/2014

28 Photos That Will Make Your Heart Rate Increase. I'm Still Recovering From #10

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Adrenaline junkies are everywhere. We all have that one friend who always wants you to try out different extreme sports with them and just never seems to have enough thrill in their lives. Well if it sounds like you might just be that person, you should try some of these activities... this is adrenaline junkiedom taken to a whole new and insane level.

1. Cliff camping.

2. Every single thing that the Ukrainian daredevil "Mustang Wanted" does.

3. White water kayaking in Chile.

4. Ice climbing a waterfall.

5. Doing some yoga on Norway's Trolltunga.

6. Swinging at La Casa Del Arbol

7. Again with the cliff camping!

8. Climbing in Cabo San Lucas

9. John Roberts, climbin' around South Africa

10. Kjeregbolten boulder in Rogaland, Norway

Was this photo really worth it!?

11. Traversing the Death Trail on Mt. Huashan in China

The trail name should have been a dead giveaway...

12. This outrageous dive into oblivion.

13. This bridge in Sequim, Washington

Because there are no safer places in the world to cuddle.

14. Base jumping: A sport invented by people who absolutely can't get enough death-defying danger in their lives.

15. Iranian ice climbing

16. Redwood tree climbing

Because people will climb just about anything.

17. Extreme kayaking at Victoria Falls.

"Extreme" being the operative word here...

18. Alex Honnold, one of the world's most daring free-climbers, resting in the middle of a climb.

Free climbing is doing incredibly dangerous, advanced climbs like you see the sponsored guys do...without ropes or harnesses. AKA it's absolutely nuts.

19. Trapeze paragliding

Since those two things weren't big enough adrenaline rushes on their own...?

20. Taking slack-lining to a whole new level...

21. This bike trail along the Cliffs of Moher.

22. Extreme urban exploration

23. Climbing around the Escalando Mountains.

24.This outrageous example of extreme skiing.

25. Rappelling into the "Fantastic Pit" cave in Mexico.

26. A very different view of Rio de Janeiro.

27. More shenanigans from Mustang Wanted!

28. Hanging out anywhere with Kirill Oreshkin, also known as "Russia's Spiderman."

What do YOU think...are these guys crazy or awesome?

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