Published on: 1/27/2016

Photographer uses only iPhone for the Entire Wedding shooting and the result is Wonderful!

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Photographer Sephi Bergerson constantly needed to shoot and alter a whole wedding utilizing just his iPhone yet he couldn't discover a couple overcome enough to give him a chance to do it. At that point, he went over Ayushi and Abhishek with their gigantic 3-day Indian wedding in Udaipur in Rajasthan. 

Bergerson utilized his iPhone 6s Plus. "What I like about the iPhone is it offers me some assistance with getting much closer to the subject and have eye contact," says Bergerson. "With DSLR, the camera separates me and the subject. The iPhone won't supplant the DLSR however it offers a totally new medium of photography." 

Bergerson concedes that it was dubious to photo under the low light yet the daytime pics were radiant. "The sort of pictures that turn out are some place between narrative or photograph news coverage and what I would call artistic work, closer to artworks," he clarifies. Bergerson has been shooting Indian weddings for a long time, you can see the outcomes in his new book “Behind The Indian Veil: A Journey Through Weddings in India.”

“It has been a dream of mine for a long time, to shoot a complete Indian wedding only on the iPhone”


“The problem till now was…finding the couple that will agree and allow me to shoot their wedding like this”


Finally, a brave couple agreed to have their 3-day wedding shot entirely with an iPhone


“I was not trying to document everything but rather focus on images that would later translate to the artistic vision that I had”


“Daytime pictures were fantastic, but the night still remained a bit tricky”


“There are so many filters and editing options. It gives instant gratification, much like the Polaroids of the 70’s”


“But low light photography was difficult…as the ISO limit was not letting me shoot without having motion blur”


“I had a hand-held LED light to help me get proper exposure”


“What I like about the iPhone is it helps me get much closer to the subject and have eye contact”


“The images that come out are somewhere between documentary or photo journalism and what I would call fine art, closer to paintings”


“If I give you a Jimi Hendrix guitar, you won’t be able to play like him. It is not about the gear”


The photographer himself


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