Published on: 3/28/2016

Abu Dhabi teen had baby with maid

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A teen who kept his family’s sacked maid as a mistress and visited her for sex has been sent to a juvenile detention centre after their illicit affair was discovered.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard how the boy, 14 at the time, helped secure the Asian woman, in her twenties, a bed space after she was fired by the family. His mother, suspicious that her son was in love with the woman, had cancelled her contract. But the teen paid the woman’s rent and gave her money and gifts. Prosecutors said he was getting the cash from his parents, claiming it was for going out. The pair continued seeing each other and the woman fell pregnant.
“When she got pregnant, the maid tried to deliver the baby on her own at their apartment but she failed,” said a prosecutor.

“She was taken to hospital and doctors informed police after she gave birth to a boy.”

The maid confessed that the teen was responsible for the pregnancy and that the affair had gone on for some time. He was 16 when arrested by police. “The boy’s father was shocked when police phoned him, informing him that his son fathered a baby with their former maid,” said prosecutors. Officers said the father went to police with his son stressing that these were false claims because the maid had left two years ago.

The boy also denied the affair, but after a DNA test confirmed he was the child’s biological father, he admitted to being in love with the woman. The teen was sentenced to spend unspecified time in juvenile detention. The maid was given six months in jail and will be deported with her child on her release. According to law, an illegitimate child belongs to the mother.

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