Published on: 1/6/2018

Anil Kapoor Turns 61: Beautiful Woman Who ‘Paid For His Cabs Once Upon A Time'

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When Anil Kapoor saw Sunita in 80s, he was a struggling actor whereas she was a well-known model. He fell for her head-over-heels but had no way of contacting her. But as it happened, a friend of his got him Sunita’s number. One conversation led to another and soon the two finally met each other.

Anil talked fondly of those times with Priety Zinta on her talk show, “I met her on the telephone, and fell in love with her voice. I feel shy and awkward when I speak about her, but I love speaking about her. She is wonderful she is beautiful; she is the best thing that has happened to me."

Gulshan Grover who is one of Anil Kapoor’s close friends recalled, “In those days, Anil was rather broke and often times when the couple went on dates either alone or with me along, Sunita was the one who usually paid.”

As their relationship grew more serious, their dates turned frequent. One time when Anil told her it would take him two hours to reach her, she questioned him. A struggling actor at the time, he told frankly that he was coming by bus. She practically ordered him to take a cab and she will pay.  

Anil, tired after giving one audition after the other started taking small roles in Tollywood. But his fortune finally turned with 1983 film, Woh Saat Din and big films began to come his way.

After the success in Bollywood, Anil decided to marry his lady love but there was trouble in his paradise. Sunita’s parents had disapproved of the relationship.
But soon the actor had them convinced of his love for Sunita. But soon his industry friends began to advise him to stall his marriage and it did - twice.

But Sunita had had enough. She put her foot down. The two married
He later revealed that it was due to lack of money. When Subhash Ghai's Meri Jung came his way, he used its signing amount for his wedding. 
The two were married on 19 May, 1984 and the movie Meri Jung was a success too. 

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