Published on: 2/1/2018

Actress Lisa Ray Shares How she fought & survived Cancer and Her Outlook Towards Life

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Lisa says surviving cancer has transformed her life completely.

Cancer - the C word, is so dreadful that it is rarely said. It sends shivers down the spine and scares everyone. Most of us stay delusional about it, but when it does strike, we question, “why me?" The deadly disease is like an uninvited guest who shows up at your house and never leaves. It not only stirs the mind of those suffering from it but also the entire family.

Surviving cancer is like returning from death. You realise how important life is, and also, you get a direction on how to live it. You realise the real meaning of life and what true freedom is.

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Lisa Ray

Canadian-Indian actress Lisa Ray had revealed that she had multiple myeloma to media when she attended the Toronto International Film Festival to support her work in 2009 film Cooking with Stella. The cancer survivor since then has dedicated her life to spreading awareness and helping the patients suffering from the disease.

“You must become the CEO of your life by taking charge of it and must become more patient, accepting and brave. Also, you can't leave everything to your doctor. He can help to a large extent but one has to draw strength from oneself to deal with it (cancer),” she told TOI.

Lisa Ray

“I have stopped worrying about trivial things. I take life as it comes and consider it a blessing and opportunity to learn, grow and transform. It's important to have the right attitude when you are diagnosed with cancer, which will help in healing. For me, life has been healthier post recovery.”

Lisa Ray

She is happy that even in those times, she came out publicly.

“I did not hesitate from making public appearances. I lost hair and gained weight but I took these changes in my stride and they didn't impact me too much. I practise yoga and meditation, and often undergo detox therapies which give me energy. Overall, I lead a healthy life.”

Lisa Ray, we are proud of you. Keep up the good work!

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