Published on: 12/6/2015

We Quit Our Jobs And Started Traveling To See How Far From Home We Can Get

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We’re on a creative journey around the world, tracking how far from home we can get. We have quit our jobs, sold our shiny belongings, and packed up our lives into four bags (one filled with camera gear, of course). We are now on a journey to see how far we can get physically from Johannesburg, South Africa, and figuratively from our comfort zones.

After nearly 15 combined years of work in the advertising and branding industries, we felt we needed to do something that would charge the electrolytes in our veins again. As creatives, our need to experiment and create is strong. When we’re not cramming kilometers in busy cities, we’re finding every opportunity to experiment and brainstorm. We encourage the community to send us challenges and give us things to do.

The route of our journey is dictated by our “Wanderlist” (this is our version of a bucket list) directing us across the world. In the 2 months of traveling we’ve covered just over 11 000km, traveling around Austria and Germany, and now we’re staying at a Husky farm within the Arctic Circle. We’ve managed to tick off some items, including “standing on a peak in the Alps”, “dancing in Berlin”, “taking a selfie with an Alpaca” and “mushing with Huskies.”

0 km, Johannesburg, South Africa



The big Ferris wheel, Vienna (right side).

6292 km, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


8339 km, Seekirchen, Austria


8342 km, Seekirchen

8360 km, Salzburg



8664km, Vienna | 9260km, Eugendorf



8691 km, Vienna


On Top Of The Alps, Untersberg

8990 km, Seekirchen Am Wallersee

9001 km, Seekirchen Am Wallersee

Dom Platz, Salzburg

8343km, Seekirchen Am Wallersee | 8993km, Seekirchen Am Wallersee



9101 km, Anif

9126 km, Salzburg

Salzach, Salzburg, Austria.

9245 km, Untersberg




10 018 km, Berlin, Germany

TV Tower, Berlin

10 025 km, Berlin

10 027 km, Berlin

10 030 km, Berlin

10 032 km, Berlin

11 185 km, Oslo, Norway

Reflections In the Opera House, Oslo

11 185 km, Oslo, Norway

The Opera House, Oslo

13 012 km, Alta


Walking Husky puppies, Alta

Chanel – Half Of How Far From Home

Stevo – Half Of How Far From Home

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