Published on: 12/14/2015

We Quit Our Employments and began travelling to Perceive How Far We Can Get

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Attempting to compress 9 months of worldwide travel is certainly less demanding said than done. Since withdrawing on our worldwide outing, we have secured what might as well be called 40 000 miles, which is twice around the equator, going by 4 mainlands, 12 nations and 40 urban areas – and we're just beginning. 

We quit our occupations and began going on Walk second, we had no clue what might lie ahead. We have cruised between islands in the quiet waters of the Peloponnese, looked for wild trout in Focal Sweden, mushed with Huskies in the Cold Circle, flown in Redbull helicopters in Austria, spun through Copenhagen, nibbled on Turkish savor the experience of Istanbul, eaten fricasseed crickets in Bangkok and brought selfies with koalas in Sydney. 

The photographs beneath, record our trip as such, measuring every kilometer went from the place where we grew up of Johannesburg, South Africa

From the lanes of Johannesburg, South Africa

13 065km, Alta, Norway

18 972km, Tännforsen, Sweden

Dreaming in Central Sweden

21 722km, Hallstatt, Austria

28 428km, Florence, Italy

Discovering Turkey

31 391km, Istanbul

31 412km, Istanbul

35 508km, Munich, Germany

Getting lost on Greek islands

53 563km, Bangkok, Thailand

Discovering Rottnest Island

61 094km, Sydney, Australia

61 096km, Sydney

65 369km, Perth

65 380km, Perth

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