Published on: 11/11/2015

Amazing Trip To Lahore, Pakistan

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Last year I took a vacation and spend 1 week in Lahore, Pakistan. Despite my friends and family’s protesting I went there as a solo female backpacker and to my surprise this trip was one of the safest trip I’ve ever been.

Street Artist

Everyone loves to take a picture. This artist asked me to photograph him in front of the wall he was working on.


On my first evening in Lahore I was invited to the local wedding. That evening was not only colorful highlight of that trip but also one of the most special travel memory for me.

Flag Lowering Ceremony, Wagah boarder, Pakistan

I went to Wagah border and watched the Flag lowering ceremony from the Pakistani side. And when there were hundreds of tourists from the Indian side, I can say that I was the only tourist from the Pakistani side and it was very fun.

Street Girl

At first she was very shy, but then I smiled and she smiled back. It was one of the most special moments of this trip.

Street Girl

These children had amazingly bright smile and sparkling eyes.


Family Matters

Learning Quran

Women Of Lahore

Colorful Fabrics

I’ve never seen so many beautiful and colorful fabrics at one place.

Street Food, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore had the cheapest and most delicious street food I ever tried.


Spice Market, Lahore, Pakistan


I noticed one very important thing while traveling around Lahore: people adore taking pictures. They would stop me on the streets and ask me to take pictures of them. But man would never ever ask me to take picture with him, unless I had another male in a company. Then he would ask him for a permission.

Lahore Fort

At The Badshahi Mosque

One of the most beautiful mosque I ever visited.

“These children know Quran by heart”

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