Published on: 10/21/2015

12 Priceless Pieces Of Advice From a 103 Years Old Japanese Doctor

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Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara is one of the best practicing doctors in Japan and in the World. For his 103 years of experience and existence, he has come to the conclusion that the way you eat and more importantly, the food you eat, is crucial for keeping your body and its vital functions in perfect conditions. Dr. Shigeaki is the perfect affirmation of his rules for health and longevity. While, many wonder how he succeeded in keeping this perfect good-looking shape, others admire him for not altering his body weight of 60kg since he was 30 years old.

There he is:

Now, its time for you to see what his principles are:

1. Energy comes from feeling good and not from eating a lot and sleeping a lot.

We all do remember, that as kids, we used to have so many entertainments, that we have often forgotten about the food and the sleep. I think that elders should live this way, too. Strict rules in terms of dinner and bedtime hour not needed!

2. Every centenarian has the perfect weight.

Regardless of their sex, nationality or race, all of the centenarians have one thing in common they are not overweight. They pay attention to what they eat and the way they eat.

3. As just mentioned The food is the most important.

For breakfast, I drink one glass of fruit juice with a tablespoon of olive added to it. A glass of milk, with a lentils powder and a banana, all mixed together. The olive is very beneficial to the bodys arteries and skin. For lunch, I have some milk with 2-3 biscuits or nothing if I am too busy. I never feel hungry when I work, because I am focused.  For dinner, I eat fruits or a little bit of fish with rice and two times a week 90 grams of fat-free meat.

4. Be busy and look forward.

My lecture schedule and my regular job at the hospital are full for the year ahead. And in 2020 I am going to have fun at the Olympics in Tokyo. It is not necessary to retire on a pension at all. But if you do want to retire, do not consider it until you turn 65 years old.

5. If your doctor suggests any form of surgery or procedure, you will have to ask him if he would have done it to his children or wife.

Contrary to the general understanding, doctors are not able to cure everything. So why should we inflict unnecessary pain by undertaking a potentially superfluous surgery? I believe that animals and music therapy can do much more than doctors could ever imagine.

6. If you want to be healthy use the stairs and carry your luggage, alone.

When I climb the stairs, I always leap in two steps. This way I keep my muscles in shape. Each day I try to walk between 2000 and 2500 steps at a slow pace as I help myself using a walking stick.

7. Pain is a mysterious thing.

The best way to keep the pain away or when having it, to get rid of it, is simple go and have fun. We often neglect the power of this tool that we have, called Brain and dont know how to use it properly. Use your brain!

8. Dont worry too much.

Worrying about something has never helped anyone. Especially when it comes to material things like money, house, what clothes to buy, what car should you get. Remember, when you die, you wont take anything of these with you.

9. Science itself does not cure people.

It should be pointed out that people are different. However, science treats us all in the same way. Every person is unique and the diseases are in close relation to the peoples hearts. To know how to treat them right and how to cure them, we need much broader understanding of everything around us. Not just the medicine.

10. Find your role model.

Find your role model and try to outstrip it. My father was my hero. Even today, when I find myself in a tough situation, I ask myself how he would act.

11. Life is full of incidents and opportunities.

It was March 1970, I believe. I was 59 years old and I was traveling from Tokyo to Fukuoka. The plane was abducted by a fraction of the Japan communists league. I had to spend 4 days tied to a seat, at 40 -degree temperature. And I looked at this as an experiment. I was a doctor, after all. It was quite amazing to see how the humans organism reacts in crisis.

12. It is a wonderful feeling to have a long life.

The first 60 years we work for our families and for achieving our goals. Afterward, we should direct our efforts in favor of the society. I have been working as a volunteer for 65 years. I can work for 18 hours each day of the week to this day. And I enjoy every single minute of it.

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