Published on: 4/11/2016

People After 1, 2, 3 Glasses of Wine

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There's a colloquialism about wine, that "the main glass of wine is about the sustenance, the second glass is about affection, and the third glass is about commotion", says Brazilian picture taker Marcos Alberti. As indicated by him, the "3 Glasses after [project] began as a joke like an amusement night-time", amid which he captured his companions after one, two, and three glasses of wine. 

"The main picture was taken immediately when our visitors have quite recently landed at the studio," clarifies Alberti, "keeping in mind the end goal to catch the anxiety and the weariness after...working throughout the day". As the photos uncover, in any case, a grin or an indication of silliness soon starts to crawl into the photographs. By the last shot, huge numbers of Alberti's companions can barely contain their gaiety!

Portraits After One, Two And Three Glasses Of Wine

Portraits After One, Two And Three Glasses Of Wine














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