Published on: 2/7/2016

Girls with Big Butt Could Mean That You're Smarter

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Girls with greater butts are more quick witted than their thin bottomed partners.

A study led in 2007 by specialists from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California at Santa Barbara observed that butt size might have something to do with knowledge. In a study including more than 16,000 ladies, the curvier young ladies reliably beat the skinnier young ladies on psychological tests.

Health Benefits Of A Big Bum
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But it has to be a fat butt, rather than a fat tummy and a fat butt.

The researchers found that the fat stored in the buttocks and upper thighs consists of omega-3 fatty acids, which are the healthy fats that improve brain power and overall health. However, the fat stored in the abdominal area consists of omega-6 fatty acids, which are unhealthy and cause you to gain weight. They found that women with ‘pear’ and ‘hourglass’ figures (skinny middles and curvy butts) have greater omega-3 stores, which nourish their brains and improve their intelligence.

Health Benefits Of A Big Bum
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Women with bigger butts also give birth to healthier babies!

The same study concluded that the extra omega-3 that curvy girls have also improves the health of their children. These healthy fats are essential for the development of the foetal brain, and the more abundant they are, the healthier the child. 

Health Benefits Of A Big Bum
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A bigger butt also equals better breast milk. 

Another study conducted by researchers from Oxford University found that the fat content in a mother’s breast milk comes from the lower half of her body, which includes the thigh and buttock region. The extra omega-3 makes for a healthy and balanced breakfast for baby!

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