Published on: 2/28/2016

Girl doing Yoga with her Goat - It's Soo Cute!

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You may know Swedish origin Rachel Brathen as a web yoga sensation, however do you know her goat, Penny Lane? The Aruba occupant got the goat as a present from her surfer spouse Dennis last Christmas and, since from that point forward, Rachel and Penny have taken to doing yoga together. Rachel is a distributed creator, and she and her spouse likewise run a creature salvage focus. 

"Some of the time we get so made up for lost time in what we need to change that we begin seeing imperfections as opposed to concentrating on getting enlivened to move and feel great," Rachel disclosed to Metro. "It's essential to commend the great things. Your body does as such much for you consistently… It's such a great amount of less demanding to adhere to an activity routine when we acknowledge what our bodies can do." Truer words have infrequently been talked!

xplained to Metro. “It’s important to celebrate the good things. Your body does so much for you every day… It’s so much easier to stick to an exercise routine when we appreciate what our bodies can do.” Truer words have rarely been spoken!

You haven’t done yoga until you’ve done it with a goat

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Rachel Brathen travels the world teaching this limber form of fitness


But this past Christmas, her husband had a surprise for her: a goat!


Penny Lane just loves to hang out


She follows Rachel everywhere, and always wants to participate






The best kind of mountain climbing!

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