Published on: 6/11/2014

15 Pictures That Prove Condoms Are Awesome

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Safe sex has always gotten the short end of the "stick." But these 15 pictures prove condoms are really making a cumback. Which raincoat will you wear next time...? 

1. Condoms protect you from "high traffic" areas.

durex tunnel
Gap(e) insurance, anyone? 

2. Condoms can predict your future.

Sex & The City was a lie. 

3. Condoms can be marketed to kids just like cigarettes.

magic condoms
Who knew that unicorns had to protect their horn? 

4. Condoms + Halls = ultimate throat protection.

Strategic. Partnership. 

5. You can make fun of politicians with a condom.

political condom
But still not as thin as Donald Trump's hair. Hi-yo! 

6. You can take a pack school.

school supplies
Smart Moms know what to buy when shopping for school supplies...they call it "grandparent protection." 

7. Condoms keep unfit parents from having more kids.

star wards
Apparently only Darth's limbs got burned off Mustafar. 

8. They come in all shapes & sizes just like your clothes.

do not try on
They were having issues given the lack of fitting rooms. 

9. Condoms make it "cuter."

No word on whether these make your unit stretch like Gumby. 

10. Condoms taste just as good as Starbucks.

PS latte
White girl pickup made simple. 

11. Condoms support your right to choose.

Wait, we can buy babies now? This changes everything. 

12. Condoms make real threats seem less threatening.

Nothing puts me in the mood like seeing Putin wink at me before the deed. 

13. They've FINALLY introduced a true "female" version.

Apologies accepted. 

14. Condoms like to use playful analogies.

Keep these hidden if you're dating a Jewish girl. 

15. Condoms always manage to make the

brrr cold
Now there's a market of guys who want more "shrink" from their wrap. 

Remember, folks: don't be silly, wrap your willy. Doesn't matter if it looks like Gumby, tastes like a Starbucks, or feels like Antartica. Keep things clean (and child-free) by putting a cover on it. You'll thank yourself later. 

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