Published on: 1/8/2018

MTV Splitsvilla Is The Hottest Indian Television Reality Show

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India is one of the most religious countries of the world with very conservative families. Seeking to the needs of such families, Indian television always focuses on bringing television show which follows the same perspective.

Therefore, most of the mainstream television channels have daily soaps and shows that contain no adult content in it. However, MTV is a channel which focuses more on the youth and brings serials and reality shows which are more open minded.

MTV is considered the top youth channel which gives a voice to the youth to bring out the change in the mentality without hurting the cultural sentiments. MTV has many popular reality shows withMTV Roadiesbeing the most influential television reality show ever. Addition toRoadies, MTV also host many shows which put a question mark on many social issues.

On the entertainment front, MTV hosts India's hottest television reality showMTV Splitsvilla.MTV Splitsvillais a reality show based on American dating reality showFlavor of Love. Young boys and girls are chosen by the Splitsvilla creative crew, and they begin their journey in a villa known as Splitsvilla to find their true love and win the show together. Just like every other reality show, there are lots of fights, arguments, friendship, backstabbing and love stories in this reality show. Every week, one or two contestants are dumped by the king or queen, which are decided through performing tasks. All the contestants have to stay together in the villa through out their journey.MTV Splitsvillahas always been a south out Indian reality show because of its glamor portion. Every year, the creative team comes up with new tasks which most of the times have hidden double meaning. Every week, a king and queen are chosen by their performance in their respective tasks.

The first season ofMTV Splitsvillawas hosted by VJ Rannvijay Singh. In the later seasons, VJ Nikhil Chinapa took over as a host until season eighth, when Rannvijay Singh got back in the show as a host with Sunny Leone.MTV Spiltvilla Season 10started on 23 July 2017, which is yet again hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. The theme of the current season is Experiment of love, and it is shot amidst the surroundings of Jim Corbett National Park.

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